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How to behave in an embarrassing and ridiculous situations?

Written By Unknown on Sunday, 11 January 2015 | 10:17

Embarrassing moments pass and everyone of us lucky ones who pass some sort of intelligence .. Vaharj is the strongest and fiercest emotions of T can be faced, and the greater the number of cases of the public who watches Hrjk; matters worse. And signs of embarrassment are well known, and is redness and facial sweating and stuttering to speak, has become one of these signs or all of embarrassment when the level stronger than you.

We must know that the control of the embarrassment comes from you, and only you who can make it bad or normal, because the reaction is that you can shift the tide in your favor, and make the most embarrassing situations pass normally. Many of us are going through this position, but we witted speed

For example, when you take a joke .. do not laugh it one everyone listens to you and you receive Nkitk enjoy after all that I have prepared her well, but the surprise is the lack of attendance laughed after you finish the joke is listed as not everyone is still waiting for anything funny. You should be in such a position to be quick-witted and not take things seriously, but I make more ridiculous it, if you say "I do not quite coming humor better, or that laughter comes after half an hour of hearing the joke, but do not overdo the fun will not even show Kalablh , and avoid trying to change the subject or that Tlji of silence, because all of this gives a bad impression about you. 

Try to put Bdakhllk a lot of the principles on which they depend in positions that you experience 

1. foretelling embarrassing positions and tried to get her ready beforehand. 

2. Be sure to calm nerves and lack of emotion and avoid anger. 

3. Be tactful and careful smile. 4. Beware of entering into controversial sophistical. 

5. acted quickly, and Spin the order, and beware of frequency. If you are an opinion Be a 
determination * * * the opinion that corruption Ttrdedda 

6. Avoid `s justification for the embarrassing position, and be sure to pass through quickly and position it so as not to embarrass yourself too much, as well as in order not to increase the stability of this embarrassing position in the minds of the participants. 

7. seen falling in embarrassing situations as something natural, but an absolute necessity, and always remember that the positions of embarrassing many benefits, the most important business acumen, intelligence and agility development in addition to broadening understanding and increase the expertise and experience. Then Pthoen embarrassing situation and minimized and marginalized and non-amplified, and showed that the participants either by saying or by doing so. 

8. embarrassing to joke around or the blink of an attitude. 

9. about embarrassing to an admonition and a reminder and guide the situation.

10. If I could then do the embarrassing position, causing the volatility, for example: if one of the participants deliberately Aharajk not know the answer by asking him, ask him to answer is to this question or looking for that answer. 

11. If you are able to change the situation or topic embarrassing naturally to another topic, then do. 

12. Be brave, are not ashamed to acknowledge error or forgetfulness or lack of science and remember the words of God: (And above all, a science education).

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