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Foods cause you teeth stains reduces them as much as possible

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The organic component of teeth and are therefore subject to the appearance of spots on them. There are many teeth whiteners that exist in the market and works with high efficiency, but before looking for ways to Teeth Whitening, you must know what is the reason behind the appearance of spots on the teeth to avoid appearing from the beginning. And here we show you more of the foods that leave stains on teeth 

Foods cause tooth stains warn her and played them tooth and coffee: When brewing coffee beans excreted dark-colored material and contain a high percentage of acidity and painting textures, and you leave stains on the teeth, especially if the person does not wash his teeth after drinking coffee. And concentrated resulting from the emergence of coffee spots among teeth.
Tea: Dachas spots on teeth left over coffee, tea is used in dyes clothes. We recommend using frankincense whitened teeth after eating to get rid of spots tea.

Sweets that contain artificial colors: Because sweets and especially gum remain for a long time in the mouth can contains colors industrial These colors leave stains on the teeth and also cause sweets major problem of the teeth and because they contain a high proportion of sugar and this damages the outer layer teeth and colors are deposited on the inner layer of the teeth and therefore difficult to get rid of them.

Berries: pigments that make them berries you can imagine how they effect the teeth. And berries of all kinds effect on the teeth.

Fruit juices: and especially those that contain artificial colors that contain colors and sugar are damaged teeth Foreign dye layer and the inner layers, they also cause tooth decay in children.

Soft Drinks: Soft drinks are especially colorful and acidic destructive to the teeth from the inside and the outside. When soft drinks for a periods of leaves impact on the teeth, especially the outer layer.

Soy sauce: respect to this element individuals lovers soy sauce, as with repeat its use leads to leave the color on the brown spots aspects of the teeth, but it can be removed toothpaste teeth.

Curry and turmeric: usually are used together in the same dish, and this leads to a multiplier affect and is difficult to remove.

Smoking: Doubtless smoking is one most thing that cause stains on the teeth that the most famous was not at all. Smoking causes pigmentation and teeth yellow or brown and can be difficult to remove and experts advise remove Besides bread.

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