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Learn new tool Wifiphisher and dangerous hack wifi Wi-Fi (WPA / WPA2) quite easily!

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 | 12:08

Today no one did not use a wireless network in his daily life, use of this type of communication became more famous and used widely, especially because they provide the technique of easy access, as well as linking the largest possible number of devices and to cover long distances. Of course, this widespread technology Wi-flowing saliva hackers and permanent methods to penetrate this type of networking technologies and there .aka these tools is a tool  Wifiphisher.

This new tool launched by George Chatzisofroniou Greek security researcher under the name Wifiphisher. It is a tool to penetrate wireless networks, which use intelligent fraud and style in a new way far from the traditional stereotype known methods. beautiful tool that integrates several techniques in the field of penetration as well as many of the weaknesses in the protocols used in networks.

How Wifiphisher works and why is it dangerous?
Common way to get through the Wi-Fi networks for a long time is Alaatmadeh mainly on the dictionary, which includes hundreds of thousands of random words and tested to reach the password for the router or Alrotr.ohma known attack " brute force "and take a long time.

The new method, which relies upon  Wifiphisher  are totally different and smarter. It can Tl_khasaha in the following: 
The tool is to reproduce your Access Point Access Point, and offers new point counterfeit of the victim will be "Kaltoam evil", while at the same time you Aladh Btid blocking DoS service attack on the router to disable the focal point of origin , which makes the victim believe there is documentation and access problems for the point of origin Contact and thus the tool Bajabbark smart and tricky way of the contact point counterfeit that will be quite similar to the original (and you will be sent as well as tool and fake page asking for the password) and of course the user will be reassuring and will not feel any difference thus will enter the password voluntarily; and the latter sent to your attacker. also noteworthy that the attack tool " Deauthentication  "to separate all related to the original point contact devices, and forcing them to call fake point.

Once you get the original password, this point contact counterfeit or "evil twin" can continue to work as the connection broker (between the original access point and other users), the sense will be connected to the Internet like you are connected to the original point of contact!. Yes, and this may lead to steal passwords and other information and passing on this network lyrics, and this is very dangerous too.

Certainly  Wifiphisher   can be considered intelligent combination of social engineering (the most common method of penetration), with a simple application that combines many techniques and styles.
And 2 this tool Kali Linux require network cards, and one of them is capable of injection. You can download the tool and experience, as you can access all the information on it from this link.


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