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7 unusual things you can do on the internet only!

Written By Unknown on Monday, 12 January 2015 | 11:06

To help you re-discover the network, today we will present a range of different services that you can try and discovered when surfing the Internet, some of which is very useful, as you will see other Adnah.ualbed may be just entertainment. However, experience worth anyway.

Simulation image
For those who are curious to learn how to create images such as that carried out by the police and private detectives Alsmon this task, it may be this site to answer their questions. The site has many of the necessary elements to create faces by selecting the features on the left side of the site, you can of course try to draw a picture of the special :). Site also has a special application in Android and IOS software.

Reached a letter from you in the future!

Of exotic services that can be found on the internet service futureme They are as the name implies, is a service to send e-mail to your messages, at any time in the distant future or near .tava can take advantage of this service is to remind the special occasions or used to remind you of the future your goals.

Visit the sites that no longer exist

Certainly had read about some Mufadhalta sites disappeared on the internet over the years and the emergence of new sites in place, including the well which continues to date Hma.ma Internet Archive Internet Archive  you can re-visit these sites also offer this service to you the opportunity to watch and browse past famous sites such as Google and Gerha.valkhaddma hold more than one million site since 1996 and has more than one terabyte of files.

Get a map of the genes and the information of your DNA

If you're interested in more about your health, and you want to know the viability of illness in the future, God forbid, this service on the internet provides you with an opportunity to study nuclear Hamadk and send the results to your home.

Yes, $ 100 will lead the DNA collection kit, through the collection of saliva and the re-sent by courier to the site FAQ
Within a few weeks, you can get a full report of the behavior of your genes, and this enables you to avoid some future complications to your body.

Print objects in three-dimensional and reach out to your address

Triple printers dimensions not yet luxury goods that you can compete with traditional methods produce, but that does not mean you can not print some distinctive Most viewed with these modern printings .vmn through this site , you can create and print what you want in a three-dimensional and reach it to your home.

 Share your book yourself

A lot of novice writers may not get their chance in the publication of their books in libraries and, so, given the difficulties and obstacles that Amamanm.lkn placed Fortunately today with Anchar online you today as a writer beginner or a professional publication of your book and sell it directly on the Internet without the need for intermediaries. It is between the famous sites in this area site "Lulu" .

When going to die!

Death is inevitable, they are of the ways of life, but what if you want to know when you will die? Of course this is a very innocent question stems from curiosity pure, tell you about this site (can be considered, in fact just a joke) as it calculates the default age based on the total projected variables your personal data (such as whether they smoked, as well as your weight ... etc) and give you the remaining term you have in your life. Of course, this just is not based on anything precise!

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