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10 simple things to increase the love and intimacy between you and the one you love

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 | 04:41

Want to increase your feelings of love and affection between and among the one you love? There are some behaviors and simple things that when the two of you will be replicated in a very positive feelings of affection and love between you they Suggestions of specialists even more than love, and you can also tell us other suggestions if you have 
To increase the love and intimacy between you and the one you love 

1. Cook them: If you really want the happiness of love you have to cook them favorite dish for them, you do not have to be a cooker Maher but only an easy meal chose to prepare and look for how to prepare and start it and surprise the one you love this wonderful meal will be one of the best gifts and most spectacular . 

A.2 do what they want you as much as possible: you have to expect what they want from you and I do, before you seek Him, we Antlb you to speculate but Ashrtk along with the one you love can not expect to harvest what they can from you and Mitafa hearts happiness, for example, your expectations for holiday birthday wife and Mphajitha gift good was you want in the past or Mhadadtha tool of cosmetics you prefer, all of this makes getting between you happiness. 

3. buy gifts for them:  when the matter related to think in a surprise , the first thing that comes to mind is a gift , but it does not have to be   the gift is always physical , Valordh or Kart simple greeting or writing a letter or poem, or is this simple gifts will give love and spirit The surprise, for this Anany to move away completely from the physical gifts are also a favorite, but it is important that the type of surprise like what they want. 

4. surprise visit:  if what is meant here who does not live with him now like Allowadelan after marriage or religion husband / wife you visit your parents who Asconan away from you and Mphajithm this visit is very extravaganza and will be a surprise to them big, as well as the old one that your friend did not see it for a while long will fit if you visited and Vajith this. 

5. Planning for a walk together: Planning for a walk with the one you love, a journey outdoor strolling together, or cycling for the designated swimming places, or even Taatnaulo dining together in a restaurant where the preferred kind of food this, it is important that Tqdo a happy time together while did not expect this is a wonderful picnic. 

6. shopping together: Shopping is one of the best ways to kill the boredom, it is also one of those things that make you happy, used your wife can always go shopping alone, whether shopping for the needs of the home or even for her, it's good to surprise it you Scharkha today in shopping and help the choice and support it at that, your parents who usually Aikrjan from home Asahbhma you to shop and buy Maihtajohn and helped them to do so. 

7. help them at work: It is very nice to surprise your wife helping around the house, which has long used to accomplish on their own, as well as parents you have to surprise them prepare anything from their actions That makes them feel worthwhile of you, when you wake up your wife in the morning, you will find that you have prepared a breakfast of her just waiting to be Tftara together certainly this is something that you love very Sevajiha. 

8. card of making your hand: Matsnah hand is much more precious than buy it, you have to make some effort and time in the creation of card or card or even packaging gift with your hands and the way that he loves the one you love and preferences, choose the colors and shapes of his favorite and then start making a beautiful painting with some Love and Ahdha his phrases. 

9. watching TV together: watching television together the wonderful things that makes the two of you shared the time, watching his favorite program and try to attract chatted and enjoy the road and the conversation makes it so fun between you time and increases continue to love. 

10. stay together throughout the day: Time is the most precious gift that can be offered to those who you love, spend the whole day together with the one you love, where he has to choose is Mairead Faomk full reign, trust that this will benefit your relationship so much. We have provided you with some ideas that surprise the one you love and wish to have benefited.

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