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Facebook will launch a new version of its

Written By Unknown on Thursday, 15 January 2015 | 10:57

There is no doubt that a large number of users look at social networking Facebook site as a space for communication and entertainment away from the seriousness, and that its use during labor may mean that a person is Nizbt and may be subject to sanctions in this regard, but it seems that Facebook wants to change this image Typical of the new version.

And was different media on top of the newspaper "Financial Times" had indicated last November that the social networking Facebook site works on the launch of a new version dedicated to work and under the name "Facebook at Work" and will be more like a network social networking "professional" along the lines of " LinkedIn ".

But this time it seems that more than made clear vision through the news and images published by the site "Tech Crunch" and who pointed out that Facebook has become close to the launch of Social connectedness professional Web site a copy of a classic addition to the application Android and iOS, the new version is still experimental and Graly few users.

And will be the new location is quite similar to the regular version, but new with features, as the friendship requests property does not exist, but rather can only participate in the user's account, plus it will be possible to own work share files, and user-specific information will be professional and not personal .


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