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Google is going in the footsteps of Microsoft!

Written By Unknown on Monday, 12 January 2015 | 05:58

Some time ago, the American company Microsoft announced the launch of a new service and is "Skype Translator" in its program of Skype conversation, which will enable users to communicate despite the different languages ​​through simultaneous translation technology, but it seems that Google wants to turn its service occur for translation.

And was a step taken by Microsoft during the past few weeks with the launch of instant translation service Skype Translator has aroused admiration and attention of many people, but it will also be the cause of the competition between the digital world and companies led by Google, which owns translation service Google Translate.

According to the American newspaper "New York Times" Google is preparing to add a new update to its service to translate Google Translate on Android, and will enable the new update of interpretation and in real time via the texts of sentences spoken in a language known, without identifying these languages ​​to now.

The New York Times also noted that Google is preparing a new service that enables users to translate content Alavtat written in foreign languages ​​through photographed through the cameras on a smartphone and is seemingly logical consequence of Google's acquisition last year on the application of Visual Quest.

The newspaper did not indicate the date on which it will launch Google's new update.

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