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Pinch ants and amazing benefits to human health !

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 | 09:46

Many people exposed to pinch ants here and there, but they usually are killing the poor ant. Due to ignorance of its benefits strange to human health .

The Ant killed haram no matter how small it is a living organism.
But why do not we offer gratitude for ant when Qrsa us .. note that these circumstances Nip Ndkr carry many benefits, including: 

1. Pinch ants leads to stimulate blood circulation and increase the number of red blood cells, which is reflected on the activity of the body and vitality.

2. activate nerve cells in the brain through sensory signals transmitted from one place Nip down to the sensory cells of the brain

3. If the body exposure to more than pinch at the same time, it would lead to cirrhosis of the skin and to the fact that pinches all in one place, but if they are in many places, this leads to blood clotting ..
Intended cirrhosis skin: is that the skin becomes more resistant to bacteria and more tolerant to high temperatures ...
Intended to blood clotting: is the layer of blood be somewhat of blood Adamma gives the ability of the blood vessels more resistant to poisons the hardest ... and thus help the liver and reduce the burden with him

4. Pinch Ant is a way to diet when you ant (female) under the guidance Qrstha desired goal ... they secrete amount of saliva ion, and strange that this saliva is Bhriqba fats in User Almkaros ... for example, if the Almkaros User is arm the saliva will gradually spread Vekafah Arm and thus .. will burn 99% of the fats that are found arm.
Hovtwa replaced with pinch ant eh?


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