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Beware 12 mark if you develop you suffer from Internet addiction

Written By Unknown on Sunday, 11 January 2015 | 05:24

Many of us cannot control their time they spend online, as the internet at the moment is playing the biggest role in wasted time addicts also interferes significantly with their working lives and private, as Gore chat and social networking cites attract many of the Internet users to spend their time it

Beware of these signs indicate Internet addiction

User stay online for several hours as a predictor of becoming addicted to the Internet was up, so we will be through this article presented the major labels and signs that reveal Does the user become addicted to the Internet or not.

1. If you surf the Internet cites that you prefer is the most important and most beautiful thing pleases you this is definitely signs of infection addiction online.

2. spend a very long time to browse Internet cites on a daily basis and Ton has navigated to does the day before this is also a sign of Internet addiction.

3. If you fail to control your behavior is different with your nature before you use the internet frequently have the Internet addiction is the cause.
 4. neglect of family and friends, if you are a little attention Bart and friends and spend hours on the Internet separates from them, that it is considered one worst sign of Internet addiction

5. stop doing some of the activities, if you find that your time taking the online makes you feel more than you enjoy to enjoy when spending these activities, it is absolutely one manifestation of addiction OFFERS

6. lying about the number of hours you spend online, either electronic or video games on YouTube, this is clear evidence in front of you addicted to online NS strongly.

7. opposes your time online Bamako, if you know what specific time to do a job or a task, however you spend on the Internet without regard if you are addicted to the Internet.

8. If you feel uncomfortable and yearning to return to the internet when you are away from it and it drives you to take the device with you wherever you go, that of coarse is one of the most important signs of Internet addiction.

9. sense of remorse and regret and shame of the amount of time you spend on the internet that this is evidence of addiction to the Internet. 

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