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How do you see any image profile with privacy (I just) on Facebook after the new update

Written By Unknown on Sunday, 11 January 2015 | 03:57

We all know the privacy feature images saved on Facebook which you can filter who can see your photos on Facebook so that you can enable  your friends  only see your photos or make the powers of the viewing  public  everyone can see your picture, or to put them privacy ( I just ) Moi Uniquement and therefore would not be able to see anyone of you 
except you.

I'm going in this explanation Ieddjul any image on the wall in Facebook and to apply this explanation we will go to Priscilia Chan Page wife  Marc Zogrberg  and have chosen her official because he could not watch the image Provaylha and can not access the image and view original size because they are reserved advantage (I only).

To be able to watch them and also save the image in its original size on your way in a very simple follow me the rest of the steps ..
After the intervention of the profile that you want to copy Copy the name of the owner (or its identifier name ID), will be there after
 ... / Facebook.com either a profile name of the owner or a group numbers, and it is 
important that you are copying. Also I'll do for the name you have chosen Her profile
And after that you copy paste within Paste this link, which will give you a place referred to in the red 
http://graph.facebook.com/ then pasted here identifier name / picture? width = 870

Will be this way 
Http://graph.facebook.com/ priscilla / picture? width = 870

Login to him and you'll see that you can access directly to image the large size and you can also save them on your computer


You are now able to access the image, which prevents the owner anyone else see them, but this simple loophole we managed it and you can apply them to watch any other image on any wall in Facebook even if the privacy settings mode (I only). 

If you like the subject does not skimp Blake and participated and do you think that's all in the subject to a post to come, God willing.

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